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Why You Should Maintain Your Walkways

Walkways are built to help you get where you need to go more easily. Whether it’s a ½ mile boardwalk through the forest or a short bridge over a stream, it needs to be maintained properly for several reasons. Maintain Safety Safety should always be your main concern, and that requires bridge upkeep. If debris builds up on the walkway, it could create obstructions that can trip and possibly injure pedestrians. Likewise, if wood rots or a repair is otherwise needed, a foot can break through a board. It is important to clean the walkway, treat the wood for protection, […]

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The Importance of Conserving Wildlife Habitats

What would it mean if you walked outside and didn’t see birds flying overhead, rabbits hopping in the grass, or any other wildlife? Protecting our wildlife is important. Each animal in a habitat has its place in the ecosystem, and without them, future generations won’t be able to enjoy nature. Endangered Wildlife More than 700 species of animals in the United States are considered threatened or endangered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Many more animals are protected around the world. Each of these species is a vital part of its habitat. Some species are food for other wildlife, […]

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Choosing Materials for a Pier

Many people love being on or around water, and for good reason. The views are often beautiful, and there is almost always plentiful underwater wildlife to watch. On a hot day, being in the water or just feeling the cool ocean breeze is refreshing. One of the best ways to enjoy the water is on a pier, where you can fish, observe, or even jump into the water. One thing some people overlook when planning a pier, however, is the best materials to use for building. Whether you use wood, a composite, concrete – or a combination – there are […]

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Steps to Completing Your Project

When you decide on a bridge, boardwalk, deck, or other wooden structure that you’d like on your property, you want it completed as soon as possible. Your construction company will work with you to get started as quickly as their schedule allows, but there are several steps to keep in mind during the process. Estimate The first step to bridge construction – or building any other type of structure – is to get an estimate for the work. For this, you’ll need to have at least a rough idea of how you want the design, though knowing details at this […]

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Planning Your Spring Projects 

The weather is cool now, but Spring will be here soon. You’ll want to enjoy the warmer weather as soon as possible, so now’s the time to start thinking about outside projects that will help you relax, hike, or get to the water more easily. Winter is the ideal time of year to start planning for these projects. Planning is easier now because the cold is keeping you indoors, so what better time is better for dreaming of your outdoor space? Look at your design options online now so you have a better idea of the type of project you […]

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Accredited Quality Contractor: What it Means

The Accredited Quality Contractor (AQC) designation demonstrates that a contractor excels in the construction industry. Even more, AQCs must follow strict safety guidelines, continually train employees to be the best in the industry, and show their commitment to employees and the community. Since 1993, the program has publicly honored the nation’s best contractors with the AQC designation. Background of AQC AQC is a designation offered by Associated Builders and Contractors. The trade association encourages and trains contractors to work responsibly and rewards those who go above and beyond. For example, the Associated Builders and Contractors STEP program evaluates the company’s […]

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Why Pedestrian Bridges are Important

Pedestrian bridges are a specific type of bridge built for one purpose – to help people walk over an obstacle. People use these specialized bridges for relaxing strolls or simply to get from one place to another, such as a golfer walking across a creek to access the next green. Runners and cyclists also use bridges. Pedestrian bridges are important in many ways. Reasons for Building a Pedestrian Bridge The most common reason for building a bridge is to cross water. Whether it’s a river, stream, or a larger body of water such as a lake, bridges have been used […]

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Designing Your Boardwalk for the Dunes

A boardwalk is a great way to get to the dunes for many reasons. It helps us to walk more easily over sand that shifts. More importantly, a boardwalk helps protect the dune from erosion and the loss of plant life. Building a boardwalk over or near the dunes can be different from building near other types of habitats. It requires special considerations because of the sand and fragile dune ecosystem. Permits for Dune Building Dune ecosystems are fragile, and it’s difficult to rebuild a dune if it is damaged. Because of this, most states require permits before you begin […]

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Plant Conservation: What it Means

Conservationists talk often about efforts to protect wildlife, and many people think about animals first when discussing efforts to reduce human effects on the planet. Plant conservation is just as important. Endangered Plant Species There are more than 700 species of endangered plants in the United States today, and each of these are important in their own way. The West Indies mahogany tree is prized for its resistance to insects and rot. In Florida and other areas where it grows naturally, experts estimate that its population has decreased as much as 29% over the last few generations. Another valuable plant […]

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Bridge Permits: What You Need to Know Before We Build

Most people know that you need a building permit before starting a new home or office building, but you also need permits for many bridges. Knowing when you need a permit can be difficult to navigate, but it can save you from paying fines and other costs. When Do You Need a Permit? Florida’s code gives private landowners a general permit to build certain bridges or culverted driveways on their land, but only for drainage purposes, and there are other requirements. The bridge must be 50 feet or less from the top of one bank to the other, and there […]

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