Planting Around Your Wooden Structure

Planting Around Your Wooden Structure

Planting Around Your Wooden Structure

Spring is an amazing time of the year for planting. Greenery and colorful flowers can enhance your yard, both so you can enjoy it better and to increase the value if you choose to sell it later. Whether you’re planting around the foundation of your home or near a deck, gazebo, or other structure, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

Choose the Right Plants for Your Area

Many people choose plants only based on how they look. When searching for new flowers or shrubbery for your yard, you should also consider whether the plant will thrive in your gardening zone and with your soil chemistry. The growing conditions greatly affect whether a plant will survive – or grow its best – in your yard. 

Look for plants that you not only find attractive, but that prefer the unique conditions of your yard. You can test the soil pH and nutrient levels through your county’s extension office. Other things to consider are the climate (zone), whether the planting area is in shade or sun, and how much maintenance a plant requires. 

Give Your Structures Space

Give Your Structures Space

When you plant around a deck or anything else in your yard, there are other factors to consider besides whether the structure provides shade. Look for plants that are the right size to enhance the structure without blocking it. Many gardeners recommend keeping plants a few feet away from foundations to ensure that the plant has room to grow without an underground obstacle. 

For trees or larger shrubs, check the anticipated root and branch area. Some trees’ roots can extend several feet around the base of the tree. You don’t want the roots to grow into your house’s foundation or dislodge a support post for a deck, and you don’t want branches scraping against a structure during a heavy wind. This can lead to expensive repairs later. 

Keep Maintenance in Mind

When choosing new plants for your garden, you know you need to maintain the plants, offering water, nutrients, and the right amount of sunlight. There are other aspects of maintenance to consider. For example, if you plant a vine to grow up a trellis, you’ll need to make sure the trellis is designed for that purpose. If the structure isn’t designed for vine growth, there may be damage from additional moisture, the weight of the vine, or vines pulling at joints. If you do decide to plant vines, but aren’t sure whether the structure is adequately built for that purpose, be prepared to check the structure for damage often and perform maintenance. 

Nature Bridges designs all outdoor structures to withstand the environment, and we’re happy to help you design a structure that perfectly aligns with your vision of the perfect project. When maintenance is needed, we also provide maintenance plans to help you keep these structures looking their best with the flowers and greenery you choose for your garden. If you’re ready to build or maintain, contact us for a quote. 

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