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How Top Down Construction Preserves the Environment at Neabsco Creek

Neabsco Creek Boardwalk is a part of Neabsco Regional Park in Woodbridge, VA. This ¾ mile boardwalk allows visitors the opportunity to cross Neabsco Creek and access the wetlands in the area. Wetlands such as these are home to a variety of plants and animals, and nearly all of them need the wetlands to survive. The marshes at Neabsco are home to animals such as the great blue heron, muskrats, raccoons, northern water snakes, diamondback terrapin, and even a variety of crustaceans such as the marsh crab. Killifish, mummichog, and many other fish swim through the waters here. Plants include […]

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Bridge Construction: What You Don’t Know

The earliest bridges were very simple to construct. Some of them were even made by nature, such as a log falling over a stream. Ancient people used logs, stones, and anything else they found nearby to build a structure that would allow them to cross a short distance. These early bridge builders were quick and efficient in their work. The bridges worked, but they did have their own problems. Load One of the most important design considerations is whether the bridge will support the load it’s intended to hold. Bridge designers like Nature Bridges make extensive calculations to determine how […]

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Getting Your Outdoor Time in Summer

Summer is one of the best times of year to spend time in nature. Plants are growing quickly and flowers bloom, which not only gives us lovely scenery but provides more shade to protect us from the sun. Animals are more active, so we can see them in action. The benefits of spending time in nature are proven, so do everything you can to enjoy your outdoor time in the summer safely. Summer Activities In a previous blog, we discussed some ways to spend time outdoors in the winter. You can do some of the same activities in the summer, […]

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Boardwalks: How They Protect the Dune Ecosystem

Sand dunes are a common sight along the beach. Some people love them, and some simply find them an annoyance in getting to the beach. Whether you enjoy exploring them or not, these mounds form when sediment is carried by the elements and are an important aspect of the shoreline. Many plants and animals live in the dunes, and some species cannot live anywhere else. They also help protect inland areas from wind, waves, and severe storms. Dunes in Danger We usually think of dunes as a solid natural structure, but they are at risk due to the shifting nature […]

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Earth Day: What It Means

Most people in the world have heard of Earth Day and may even know that it’s in April, but do you know why the day was created…or even what it means? Earth Day is one of the most observed days in the world, narrowly falling below religious holidays like Easter and Christmas. On April 22 every year, over a billion people take action to change our behavior regarding the environment. Beginnings of Earth Day Earth Day started as an idea to help educate students on college campuses. In 1969, Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin was inspired by students protesting the […]

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Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

When you’re ready for a new deck, bridge, or other wooden structure, there are a lot of questions to consider. You’ve probably already imagined what you want the final structure to look like and how much your budget is for the project. But your imagination only gets you so far; at some point, you need to consider what builder you will use. Most people go online to search for a reputable contractor, and that’s usually a good idea. You don’t, however, want to choose the first name in your search. Find several contractors online and research as much as possible […]

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Maintaining Your Wood Structure

Whether you have a bridge, deck, or other wood structure on your property, there are some things you can do to maintain it. Maintenance can help to: Lengthen the life of the wood Reduce the number of repairs needed Keep your wooden structure looking its best Cleaning Your Wooden Structure The first and easiest thing you can do to maintain your bridge or deck is to regularly remove fallen leaves and other debris. A buildup of debris gives moisture a place to collect. When the wood on your structure stays wet for a long period of time, that moisture invites […]

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How You Can Help Conserve Natural Resources

Nature Bridges uses top-down construction to help conserve and preserve our natural resources. Top-down construction has a minimal effect on the environment, which helps protect the plant and animal life in the area. Conservation experts divide the practice into different categories. For this blog, we’ll look at the environmental, animal, marine, and human categories. Environmental Environmental conservation protects our environment and natural resources. The attempt to reverse or slow global warming falls into this category. This also includes soil and forest conservation, waste management, and reducing pollution. One of the goals of environmental conservation is to conserve natural resources for […]

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Building Materials for Bridges

Bridge constructors use a wide variety of materials for bridges. Sometimes, different materials are even used in building the same bridge. Typically, different materials are used in different types of bridges or in different parts of a bridge. Timber Timber is one of our favorite materials to use for bridges because it looks so natural. Some bridge companies do not use timber as often as they used to, because larger bridges are now more commonly made of steel or concrete. Wood, however, is a renewable resource, is a strong construction material, and is more easily transported. Timber construction is environmentally […]

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