Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Wood And Timber Bridges

Top Down Construction

Nature Bridges is an award-winning design and construction company specializing in custom bridge building. Recognized as one of the few top-down construction companies, our building method is environmentally-friendly and allows for the construction of timber bridges in ecologically sensitive areas, including wetlands and beaches. We understand the negative impact construction can have on the environment, which is why we use construction methods that will preserve your property’s natural habitats and landscaping. With Nature Bridges, you don’t have to choose between a new bridge and preserving your property’s environment, you can have both.

What is Top-Down Construction?

A top-down construction method is exactly what it sounds like, building permanent structures from the top to bottom. At Nature Bridges, we use a top-down construction method to ensure no heavy equipment comes in contact with the ground during construction. Instead, top-down construction uses lightweight hydraulic impact and material handling equipment that stays on top of the structure during construction, eliminating damage to vegetation and wildlife habitats.

Nature Bridges uses our top-down construction process for most of our timber bridge projects. Whether you need a golf cart bridge or a walkway for dunes on a beach, we take many precautions to prevent any damage from construction to your property. Our construction professionals have experience working in the most sensitive environments on projects of all shapes and sizes. Along with preserving the environment, our top-down construction method provides lower permitting and construction costs than that of conventional construction companies.
We develop strategic construction plans to meet the needs for a diverse group of clients. Our company retains frequent and transparent communication with our clients through every step of the construction process. Our highly trained team is prepared to receive feedback from clients at any point in time to ease any concerns they may have. Top-down construction can put you at ease knowing that there will not be any damage to your property due to construction.

Why Nature Bridges?

At Nature Bridges, we are conscious of not only the impact we can have on our clients and their vision, but also how our work can enhance the environment and community. We set high standards for ourselves and plan projects that will add the most value to your community while also protecting your existing landscape. It’s important to hire the right construction company to carry out your vision, as many bridge projects will serve as historical landmarks in your community over time. We are committed to providing quality work, outstanding service, and completing jobs in a timely and professional matter.

We pride ourselves on all projects we have completed and the strong relationships we have developed with our clients. Our construction professionals will tailor their construction plan to meet all of your needs. We would be happy to start talking through your project ideas. If you are interested in our top-down construction methods for timber and wood bridge building services, contact us at (850) 997-8585 to discuss in detail the project you have in mind!

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AQC Pledge

As an Accredited Quality Contractor, our company is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality construction services we care deeply about our employees and the communities in which we build. We are proud to be part of the construction industry and are dedicated to the principle of free enterprise. We commit ourselves to serve our communities and to provide our employees with the skills they need to work safely and productively in order to meet the needs of our clients.

We are proud to be recognized as Accredited Quality Contractors by the Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc.

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