Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Wood And Timber Bridges

Top Down Construction

Nature Bridges is an award winning design and construction bridge builder, specializing as one of the few top down construction companies. In order to preserve ecologically sensitive areas, Nature Bridges uses their top down construction method when building timber vehicular bridges, timber pedestrian bridges, timber boardwalks, timber bridges, decks and fishing piers. As a true top down construction company, our method is an environmentally friendly way of building wood bridges and timber bridges in ecologically sensitive areas, including wetlands and beaches.

Using Nature Bridges’ top down construction method ensures that no heavy equipment comes in contact with the ground during construction. Instead, top down construction uses lightweight hydraulic impact and material handling equipment that stays on top of the structure during construction, eliminating damage to vegetation and wildlife habitats. Along with preserving the environment, our top down construction method provides lower permitting and construction costs than that of conventional construction companies.

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