Wood Roadways And Roadway Walks

Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Wood Roadways And Roadway Walks

Building to code doesn’t mean you must use concrete. As a bridge and path access builder, Nature Bridges can substitute concrete with wood, creating distinctive, compliant sidewalks, timber curbing, wood walkway and roadway walks.

Our customers have used these features at golf courses, residential developments, and parks for waterside and path access trails. A wood walkway and timber curb will also reduce the impervious area of your development. Nature Bridges insists on using the best pretreated wood, guaranteeing long life and low maintenance. We use superior 2x, #1 decking material:

  • Pressure treated to prevent rot and decay
  • Water repellant added to the pressure treatment solution
  • Radius profiled edges for a smoother walking surface
  • Routed grooves on the bottom of each board to help prevent wood’s natural tendency to cup

Nature Bridges wants to be your bridge and path access builder. See more on our golf cart and golf course bridges.

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