Timber Retaining Walls And Fences

Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Timber Retaining Walls And Fences

Durability, affordability, and sustainability are leading reasons to use our timber retaining wall contractors to build a custom retaining wall for erosion control and soil stability.

Our permeable timber retaining wall designs are in use on golf courses, nature trails, and playgrounds. Our non-permeable retaining walls provide separation of storm water run-off from wetland areas. Nature Bridges’ retaining wall contractors can build in combination with bridges and boardwalks, or outfit them with decorative handrails

As a custom wood-fencing contractor, Nature Bridges can create security, privacy, or simple boundary-beautifully. We have a wide range of installations to our credit, including pools, parks, tennis courts, highway buffers, and entire residential communities. Nature Bridges brings architectural vision off the paper and into your landscape.

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