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Bridge Permits: What You Need to Know Before We Build

Most people know that you need a building permit before starting a new home or office building, but you also need permits for many bridges. Knowing when you need a permit can be difficult to navigate, but it can save you from paying fines and other costs. When Do You Need a Permit? Florida’s code gives private landowners a general permit to build certain bridges or culverted driveways on their land, but only for drainage purposes, and there are other requirements. The bridge must be 50 feet or less from the top of one bank to the other, and there […]

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Observing Marine Creatures: The Best Way to See Them

When you walk down to the water on a sunny day, you’re probably thinking of enjoying the weather and playing in the water. Hunting for seashells is another popular beach activity. Sometimes, you’ll see a seagull, jellyfish, or a school of dolphins. These are amazing sights, and some that people often watch for while on the shore. Marine life is interesting, and there are many ways to see it up close. Watching Marine Life There are many ways to see dolphins or other marine life. Quietly watch aquatic animals that spend time on land from the beach. Observe animals from […]

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Boardwalk Maintenance: Why Outsourcing is Often Best

Boardwalks help protect the ecosystem in dunes, wetlands, and other sensitive areas by keeping foot traffic off the valuable plants. Like other walkways, however, they need to be maintained. The wood, concrete, or even composite structure can degrade over time, and sometimes repairs need to be made. Treating the material for additional durability, cleaning, and inspections should all be completed regularly. DIY Maintenance versus Professional Maintenance In many cases, it’s entirely reasonable to maintain a boardwalk or any other wooden structure yourself, and we previously put together a blog with some tips to help you. The advantage to doing the […]

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The Best Places for Wildlife Watching

Wildlife observation is a way that anyone can enjoy nature, and many people enjoy it and seek out animals to watch. In a previous blog, we looked at how to get started with birdwatching. Many of the same tools are helpful for watching any kind of animal, but it’s also a good idea to find the best places to watch animals in the wild. Worldwide Destinations If you have the time and money to travel, there are some amazing places to see animals in their natural environment. Namibia, a country in Africa, is known for its variety of animals and […]

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How to Make Your Golf Course Great – with Bridges!

We’re nearing the end of National Golf Month, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll stop thinking about golfing in a few days! Golf is one of the favorite sports in the United States with over hundreds of millions of rounds played every year. More than 9 million people watched the Masters Tournament in 2021. Golf is popular, but it would be difficult to cover the entire course on foot. Golf carts are important to playing the game, and that means that golf cart bridges are essential. Why Golf Cart Bridges are Special Golf cart bridges span over streams and any […]

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Florida Gulf Coast Projects

Nature Bridges is proud of our work in environmentally sensitive areas because it gives us a unique opportunity that most construction companies don’t have; we can help to preserve nature while giving other people an excellent view of nature and a place to play and enjoy it. Our location in Florida lets us work along beaches, wetlands, and forested areas near our homes as well as in similar environments across the United States.   Check out our video to see some of our work along the Florida Gulf Coast. Innerarity Point Park in Pensacola, Florida was just opened in 2020. […]

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The Basics of Birdwatching

Many people are fascinated by birds. Some are colorful, some are majestic, and most of all – they have the ability to fly. It’s always exciting to see a bird that you’ve never seen before, and it’s easy to see them in a variety of environments. If you want to start bird watching as a hobby, there are some easy ways to get started. Get the Tools You don’t necessarily need any equipment to watch birds, as long as you just want to watch without knowing the type of bird or see them too closely. If you want to make […]

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Marine Construction: What We Need to Remember

There are several concerns when building in the water, especially in sensitive areas like wetlands and oceans. One of these, of course, is the environmental impact. Nature Bridges helps preserve these habitats by using top down construction and planning appropriately. Construction of boardwalks and other walkways in water also require special attention because of the effects of water over time. Marine Building Materials Over time, moisture – and especially standing water – can impact structural and decking components of any structure built in or around it. While Nature Bridges and other construction companies use several types of building materials, there […]

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Top Down Construction: Why Does it Work?

You’ve probably seen bridge constructors begin their work. The first thing most companies do is clear a wide pathway along the area where they will later build the boardwalk. Then, the workers drive even more equipment across the area, using that heavy equipment to add supports and then, the bridge deck. Most work is done from the side, meaning that the equipment has to travel over the area many times in order to build the bridge. How is Top Down Construction Different? With top down construction, Nature Bridges works from the top. That means that we start at one end […]

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Preserving the Wetlands

Wetlands are a vital part of our environment, but not one that many people consider when talking about preservation. These swampy areas may seem like an environment we can do without because they are more difficult to build on or walk through, but there are many reasons that keeping them intact and thriving are beneficial. Wetland Ecosystems Wetlands comprise several different types of habitats. Marshes and swamps are possibly the most well-known, but bogs and fens are also types of wetlands. While they’re very similar in that they’re mostly covered by water, each type of wetland is a little different. […]

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