Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Site Amenities And Development Hardscapes

Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Pergolas, Hardscapes And Other Site Amenities

Nature Bridges constructs decorative and functional hardscapes that compliment any project design.

Each hardscape design we build is a visual focal point. Designs are only as limited as the imagination. Whatever special amenity or problem-solving structure you need, Nature Bridges’ hardscape contractors can build it – with style and function.

When designing your project, consider adding some site amenities and development hardscapes to your project.

Here are some examples of the projects our hardscape contractors can build for you:

Covered Structures: Whether the center of a spacious deck or the destination of a winding boardwalk, a covered shelter invites every guest to enjoy the outdoors.

Trellises: An architecturally detailed entrance, a bike parking space, a shade canopy beside a pool: natural or painted trellises make any outdoor space attractive.

Decks: Decorative and functional, our custom decks complement any landscape, adding visual interest to any location. Elevated or ground level, elaborate or simplistic, our experts can construct any conceivable design.

Scenic Overlooks: Whether you wish to create an outdoor classroom, a place for reflection or an observation platform to photograph wildlife, a scenic overlook invites everyone to enjoy nature’s intrinsic beauty.

Equipment Enclosures: Enclosures for electrical equipment, pool equipment, dumpsters, and maintenance vehicles improve property appearance and can help prevent vandalism. They can be simple in design or customized to mat other development hardscapes.

Fencing: As a custom wood-fencing hardscape contractor, Nature Bridges can create security, privacy or simple boundary fencing to meet your needs. We have a wide variety of installations to our credit, including parks, pools, tennis courts, highway buffers and entire residential communities.

Seating: For rest, relaxation or reflection, Nature Bridges provides custom, integrated seating along boardwalks, multi-use trails, around decks, in scenic overlooks and under trees. Whatever design you require, our experts can bring your vision to life.

Signage & Entryways: Simple or elaborate, Nature Bridges can create a welcoming invitation o your development or business. We can fabricate your design concepts in a wide variety of materials, including wood, concrete, metals, fiberglass, masonry and plastics.

Specialty Items: Nature Bridges provides numerous other specialty items for you to consider. Whether you require ADA access, bath houses, outdoor showers, lighted bollards, mail kiosks, dog wash stations or a playground, Nature Bridges offers cutting-edge additions to any hardscape design.

Nature Bridges – Bringing architectural vision off the paper and into your landscape.

Need to add on a patio or outdoor other seating? See what patio and seating projects inspire you.

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