Free Span Bridges

Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Free Span Bridges

In gardens and golf courses, in parks and nature preserves, free span bridges are types of bridges which can be added to your project to enhance the natural setting of your property.

Nature Bridges specializes in free span bridge construction. We install some of the nation’s top prefabricated steel, fiberglass, glulam and aluminum bridge frames at your site. Consider adding architectural features to your clear span bridge by installing wood decking and guard rails from one of our many designs.

When planning your projects, consider the following clear span types of bridges:

Aluminum free span bridges: Aluminum free-span pedestrian bridges are lightweight and provide superior durability, strength and stability. Aluminum free-span bridges require little maintenance, have a long life span and are easy to install.

Fiberglass: Many consider fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP’s) the new generation of heavy construction materials to be used instead of steel and concrete for specific types of bridges. Nature Bridges installed the first FRP bridge in the state of Florida, which has a 140 mph wind rating.

Glulam: Engineered timber glulam (glued laminated) beams are kiln dried and pressure treated, making them long lasting, versatile, economical, and strong. We can construct wooden free span bridges over 100 feet. If you want a unique style, Nature Bridges can customize your glulam bridge with materials such as a stone facade.

Steel-framed: Let Nature Bridges install one of the nation’s top prefabricated steel bridge frames at your site. Steel free span bridges are some of the strongest, most durable bridges on the market. Consider adding architectural features by installing wood decking or guardrails from one of our many designs.

Read more about our Handrails and Guard Rails options.

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