Why You Should Maintain Your Walkways

Why You Should Maintain Your Walkways

Why You Should Maintain Your Walkways

Walkways are built to help you get where you need to go more easily. Whether it’s a ½ mile boardwalk through the forest or a short bridge over a stream, it needs to be maintained properly for several reasons.

Maintain Safety

Safety should always be your main concern, and that requires bridge upkeep. If debris builds up on the walkway, it could create obstructions that can trip and possibly injure pedestrians. Likewise, if wood rots or a repair is otherwise needed, a foot can break through a board. It is important to clean the walkway, treat the wood for protection, and repair any weak points regularly. 

Lengthen Life

Lengthen Life for your Walkways

Nature Bridges uses treated wood to build pedestrian walkways to enhance the durability of the wood and treats concrete or other materials as needed during boardwalk construction. This treatment reduces moisture that can seep into the wood, and excess moisture can cause mildew and rot. However, the treatment wears off over time. There is no permanent treatment for wood and other types of building materials.

Just as treatment for protection is needed, buildup of debris such as leaves can cause moisture retention in the wood. It is important to maintain your structure so that it lasts as long as possible.

Preserve Appearance

Even if there are no immediate safety concerns, the appearance of your constructed walkway can be an issue. You and any visitors want to be able to walk without obstructions, and most people prefer to use a boardwalk that still looks as wonderful as the day construction was completed. Properly maintaining your pedestrian walkway from Nature Bridges can provide many years of safe, enjoyable use because it will remove any hazards and keep your structure looking beautiful.

At Nature Bridges, we’re committed to safety and durability, as well as the natural beauty of walkways and the immediate area. We know that maintenance takes time, and that’s why we offer a maintenance program for your property’s structures. Even if Nature Bridges didn’t complete the original bridge or boardwalk, our construction crew will happily help you clean, inspect, and apply sealants to your structures, in addition to repairing when necessary. Give us a call or fill out our form to get a quote on our maintenance program.

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