Why Pedestrian Bridges are Important

Why Pedestrian Bridges are Important

Why Pedestrian Bridges are Important

Pedestrian bridges are a specific type of bridge built for one purpose – to help people walk over an obstacle. People use these specialized bridges for relaxing strolls or simply to get from one place to another, such as a golfer walking across a creek to access the next green. Runners and cyclists also use bridges. Pedestrian bridges are important in many ways.

Reasons for Building a Pedestrian Bridge

The most common reason for building a bridge is to cross water. Whether it’s a river, stream, or a larger body of water such as a lake, bridges have been used as water crossings for centuries. Pedestrian bridges are usually much smaller than those designed for traffic, but they’re still a very important way to get from one bank to another. In forests or wetlands, an elevated walkway may be needed to cross a soggy marsh or to lessen the impact of walking on plant life.

Pedestrian bridge construction also helps people cross other obstacles, such as a canyon. It is safer – and quicker – to cross a bridge than to hike down and back up a gorge.  Other times, these walkways are designed purely for safety reasons. In many cities, you can find bridges that allow pedestrians to stroll over busy roads.

Considerations for Pedestrian Bridges

Considerations for Pedestrian Bridges

When you plan for a pedestrian bridge, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Is the bridge site in a location that is convenient to pedestrians? Keep in mind that many people will cross at the most convenient location, even if there is not a bridge present. Make sure the bridge site is easily accessible and doesn’t require much additional time and effort to reach.

Can the bridge be built in a way to minimize damage to the environment? When selecting a bridge location, be sure to think about the plants and wildlife in an area. If your selected location would require you to dig out many plants or is over a natural trail that animals use, you may want to reconsider.

What type of bridge design do you want to use? Many pedestrian bridges use simple designs that make walking more convenient. A long, winding bridge may be selected for aesthetic value. Regardless of the design, it should fit in the landscape – and your budget.

Nature Bridges’ walkway crews are experts in designing and building pedestrian bridges. We can help you consider every aspect of the bridge’s design to ensure it will be cost-effective, beautiful, and convenient. During the building process, we use top-down construction to minimize – or eliminate – any damage to the habitat, ensuring that your bridge is safe and convenient for pedestrians and animals. When you’re ready to begin your project, call Nature Bridges at the beginning. We’ll walk you through all the design considerations and build the perfect pedestrian bridge for your site.

When planning your next project, plan with Nature Bridges: (850) 997-8585

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