Boardwalk Foundation Considerations

Boardwalk Foundation Considerations

Boardwalk Foundation Considerations

Every boardwalk owner is different, as is every boardwalk. Many people think that the reason for most of those differences is the designer’s style and the owner’s personal opinion of materials. That is one consideration, but the designer doesn’t design a boardwalk based only on style preferences. There are many other factors put into creating the perfect boardwalk for an area. The most important is functionality, and part of that is finding the right type of foundation.

Several foundation materials can be used in boardwalk construction, such as wood, fiberglass, and concrete. The foundation can also be deep or shallow. Each of these has advantages. Your Nature Bridges boardwalk designer can make recommendations based on the surrounding environment, climate, and other factors.

Environmental Considerations

The type of soil and amount of moisture in the area helps determine the best boardwalk foundation. For example, if the boardwalk will be built over wetlands or an area prone to flooding, a deep foundation is usually recommended. When building over water, shallow piles won’t guarantee the stability of the structure. In an area with dry soil, a shallow foundation may be better. The foundation may even need to change over the course of a long boardwalk, since different terrain may affect the boardwalk design differently.

Load Considerations

Boardwalk load considerations

Every boardwalk or bridge is also different in that the constructors should think about how much weight might travel over it at any time. A bridge on a golf course will need to carry a heavier weight than a walking trail through a forest. The golf cart bridge needs to support the weight of the golf cart. The load consideration may also vary depending on whether a walkway is elevated or ground level.

Safety and Budget Considerations

When you work with a bridge construction company to plan a new boardwalk, the designer will consider your budget. Safety is always first, however, so any safety factor is a must-have, while some factors such as artistic, detailed railings can potentially be changed to lower the cost. Always make sure you provide a budget range when asking for construction estimates. The designer can then determine how much of the budget can be allocated to aesthetic factors.

Regardless of the foundation material and type of foundation, a quality boardwalk constructor can help you create a walkway that gives you – and your visitors – a wonderful experience that will last for years to come. For a quote on your next boardwalk, contact Nature Bridges to get started!

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