Vehicular Timber Bridges

Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Vehicular Timber Bridges

Distinction, durability, strength, and minimal maintenance: Timber bridges deliver all of these crucial qualities. Our timber construction is great for vehicular bridges such as ATV bridges.

Nature Bridges delivers superior experience, materials, craftsmanship, and speed. We select timber that meets and exceeds the structural requirements of any bridge design. Our vehicular timber bridges can be built to DOT approved AASHTO, HASO or HS25 highway bridge specifications and carry a three-year warranty.

In addition to timber’s design flexibility, it also shortens build time and reduces maintenance costs. Our timber bridges are matched to any environmental setting and can span any terrain including ATV bridges.

For those clients who require distinction, Nature Bridges provides customized timber bridges that have stylish guard rail designs with specialty wood types. Nature Bridges offers our clients bridges that have stability, style, and savings for ATVs and other vehicles.

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