Wildlife Preserves and Green Corridors: Which is Right for Your Community?

Wildlife Preserves and Green Corridors: Which is Right for Your Community?

Wildlife Preserves and Green Corridors

Bridge and boardwalk construction involves creating connections, but it’s important to remember that all connections are not the same. One of the many facets is connecting nature and the modern world. Creating nature preserves and green corridors does just that.

Green Corridors: Connecting Habitats

One way that people can help connect habitats is with green corridors. These wildlife “bridges” allow wildlife to safely walk through human-populated areas. With isolated habitats, these corridors can be an essential link allowing animals to find food and new territory. The delicate balance between cities or other communities and nature lets us live in harmony with wildlife, minimizing the disturbance of migration paths and territories.

Animals depend on these passageways, and our goal is to give them that path whenever possible. Building a bridge or boardwalk lessens any disruption to the animals’ ability to roam freely but still allows people to cross or even take a moment to stop and watch.

Nature Preserves: Protecting Biodiversity

Another type of sanctuary is a nature preserve. These are more common than green corridors and provide a wider space. While green corridors allow movement from one place to another, nature preserves are set aside to preserve the entire ecosystem in an area.

Bridges and boardwalks in nature preserves and green corridors have a similar function. In nature preserves, pathways provide sustainable access for humans to immerse themselves in the natural world. In both areas, human walkways are constructed in a way that minimizes the impact on animals. In nature preserves, extra care is taken to preserve plant life as well, since that is part of the entire ecosystem.

Preservation and Recreation Intertwined

Preservation and Recreation Boardwalks

Nature Bridges’ is committed to preserving the habitat wherever we build. With that in mind, we prefer using top down construction, which prioritizes the ecological integrity of the preserve or corridor. We carefully select materials that are both sustainable and harmonize with the surroundings. While green corridors enable movement of wildlife and nature preserves protect a larger area and ecosystem, both are invaluable to preserving biodiversity and our natural world.

Construction companies play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between preservation and recreation. Bridges and boardwalks cannot help protect a habitat unless the bridge design and construction teams recognize and prioritize the importance of these wonderful areas. These structures allow people to access and appreciate nature while protecting animals in their habitats. By understanding the difference between green corridors and nature preserves, you can choose the right one for your community and the wildlife you want to preserve. And when it’s time to build, your call to Nature Bridges can safely provide a connection between humans and nature.

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