Boardwalks: Building Tourism

Boardwalks: Building Tourism

Boardwalks - Building Tourism

Boardwalks are a way to get from one place to another, especially through rough or environmentally sensitive terrain. Many boardwalk builders and beachgoers have embraced the charm of a walk along a boardwalk. They are much more than that, however! A boardwalk can have a noticeable impact on the community, tourism, and economy.

Historic Appeal

Nostalgia is one of the great appeals of a boardwalk. Think about Coney Island in New York or the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California. These walkways bring in tourists who want to walk where many others have walked. The history behind these boardwalks, and others, comes alive when you walk along one of the historic boardwalks in our country. Building a new boardwalk along a beach or through a peaceful marsh with a lot of wildlife can create a lasting tradition for the community and tourists.


A boardwalk is a perfect place for attractions! Whether it’s a stunning ocean view, restaurants, live bands, or an amusement park, wide walkways offer a unique way to explore and create memories. Many boardwalks have become a great place to host firework shows, festivals, and concerts. These activities and more can cater to different interests and bring crowds to your community.

Social Gatherings

A sense of community is important to everyone, and part of that is gathering together. A boardwalk is a great way to get your neighbors together for an afternoon of fun. It can also be a tourist attraction where families can host a reunion, businesses can create team-building events, and so much more. These are great places for a lively atmosphere and can involve street performers or simply a quiet place to relax for a picnic.

The Economic Impact

Boardwalks - the economic impact

Especially around the beach or wildlife viewing areas, tourism is a major component of the economy. When you have an active boardwalk that can be used to help drive tourists to the area, the surrounding area has a greater demand for dining, shopping, hotels, and transportation services. A boardwalk can be a great way to drive interest in your community and encourage urban revitalization as well as educate the public about the environment.

Boardwalks capture the attention of tourists through their charm. Through this, they foster economic growth in your area. Historic appeal, diversity of attractions, and the vibrant social atmosphere can impact your neighborhood by drawing visitors from around the world. Whether you plan to add an amusement park or simple benches so pedestrians and cyclists can relax and enjoy the view, a boardwalk is a key ingredient in building and sustaining tourism. Nature Bridges can work with you to create that lasting impression on your visitors, keeping the environment in mind as we work with you to design and construct the perfect boardwalk. Contact us today to get started.

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