How to Bring Nature Closer with Boardwalks

How to Bring Nature Closer with Boardwalks

How to Bring Nature Closer with Boardwalks

Boardwalks are pathways, but they are so much more. These gateways allow us to explore and appreciate nature. When a construction company like Nature Bridges thoughtfully designs a boardwalk, we enhance our ability to observe nature, create immersive nature experiences, and create a deeper connection with the environment.

Designing Boardwalks for Wildlife Observation

There are many considerations when boardwalk construction teams design specifically for nature observation.

Overlooks and Viewing Platforms Incorporating overlooks and elevated platforms give visitors an amazing vantage point for observing wildlife. These viewpoints allow sightseers to view animal and plant life in its natural habitat without disturbance. Overlooks can be strategically placed near bodies of water or open fields, which are common gathering spots for wildlife. Elevated Walkways An elevated walkway can provide a unique perspective of the landscape. Visitors can experience nature from a different angle. Depending on the habitat, an elevated walkway can provide a birds-eye view of the ground level or bring observers closer to the tree canopy, where birds and other animals are more common.

Elevated platform boardwalk

Blending with the Environment A key aspect of boardwalk design is ensuring that the boardwalk blends with natural surroundings. When we use materials like natural wood or design with a color palette that compliments the environment, we help minimize visual impact and create a more immersive experience.

Minimal Disturbance As an environmentally conscious boardwalk designer, it’s important to lessen disturbance to plant and animal life both during construction and while guests enjoy the boardwalk. Boardwalk construction architects carefully plan the route to avoid sensitive areas and nesting sites.

Educational Opportunities

Boardwalk educational opportunities

Boardwalks are excellent opportunities for environmental education. Designers can include interpretive signs along the way, which provide additional insights into the local ecosystem. Enriching the visitor experience in this way also promotes environmental awareness and conservation.

Safety and Accessibility

There are many environments where visitors’ experiences are enhanced by boardwalks. It’s especially important to keep safety in mind near waterways and wetlands. Railings and non-slip surfaces are essential. Ensuring that boardwalks are accessible for everyone is also a consideration, so ramps and other features are always designed with this in mind. Features like gradual inclines, wide pathways, and rest areas can help visitors with mobility challenges.


Since boardwalks are often a way to get closer to nature, sustainable practices are essential. When we use durable, environmentally friendly materials, we can ensure the longevity of the structure as well as preserve the natural area. Techniques like top-down construction reduce the environmental impact during the building process.

Boardwalks are a way to observe and appreciate nature’s beauty. Because Nature Bridges thoughtfully designs boardwalks and uses sustainable practices, we can assist parks, nature preserves, and communities in providing safe educational pathways. When you’re ready to create a boardwalk that enhances the natural experience and brings you closer to nature, be sure to contact us.

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