Nature Bridges Completes Santa Rosa County’s Navarre Beach Fishing Pier Construction of an ADA Access Ramp, Deck with Handrails and Beach Access Ramps

Nature Bridges Completes Santa Rosa County’s Navarre Beach Fishing Pier Construction of an ADA Access Ramp, Deck with Handrails and Beach Access Ramps

Tallahassee, FL, July 2010 – Nature Bridges ( ), Nature Bridges, the award winning top down construction specialist, was awarded a subcontract through Ed Waters & Son’s Contracting, Inc. to provide access to Navarre Beach and Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. Work included the construction of new wooden stairs and an ADA (American’s With Disabilities Act) access ramp to the pier, along with a deck consisting of 3,800 sq. ft. with handrails and beach access ramps for Santa Rosa County’s Navarre Beach. At 1,545 lineal feet, Navarre Beach Fishing Pier is now the longest pier extending into the Gulf of Mexico in the state of Florida.

In 2004 and 2005, hurricanes Ivan and Dennis destroyed structural components and decking on the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier, rendering it unsafe for use. After 5 years of dedicated planning between Santa Rosa County, FEMA, PBS&J engineers and local citizens, the $8.43 million construction project was awarded to Ed Waters & Son’s Contracting, Inc. with PBS&J serving as the construction manager.

In order to complete the project on time for the scheduled 4 th of July fireworks celebration, Nature Bridges and Ed Waters & Sons worked together simultaneously to meet the deadline.

As Ed Waters & Sons worked to complete the over water 1,583 lf section of the pier, Nature Bridges began work on the land side constructing 250 lf of ADA access ramps, 120 lf of beach access ramps, stairs and over 700 lf of handrail. Immediately after completion of access egress, Nature Bridges commenced construction of a 3,800 sq. ft. timber deck system to tie all of the pier’s land side amenities together such as rest rooms, concession stands and main pier access. As expected, the teamwork between all project members allowed the City of Navarre Beach to host its first fireworks show from the completed fishing pier as scheduled.

Nature Bridges is a design build contractor specializing in top down construction of pedestrian bridges, boardwalks, vehicular timber bridges, docks and dune crossovers. Other Nature Bridges’ specialties include decks, trellis structures, scenic overlooks, roadway walks, timber curbing and various types of site amenities.

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