How to Make Your Golf Course Great – with Bridges!

How to Make Your Golf Course Great – with Bridges!

How to Make Your Golf Course Great – with Bridges

We’re nearing the end of National Golf Month, but that doesn’t mean that we’ll stop thinking about golfing in a few days! Golf is one of the favorite sports in the United States with over hundreds of millions of rounds played every year. More than 9 million people watched the Masters Tournament in 2021. Golf is popular, but it would be difficult to cover the entire course on foot. Golf carts are important to playing the game, and that means that golf cart bridges are essential.

Why Golf Cart Bridges are Special

Golf cart bridges span over streams and any other obstacle that a golf cart can’t easily drive over. Often, golf courses are designed around environmentally sensitive areas, and it’s important to maintain and preserve those areas. Building golf cart bridges – and any other structures on a golf course – takes special consideration. The Golf Course Builders Association of America (GCBAA) helps organize this specialized industry, provide training, set regulations, and define technology needed in golf course construction. Nature Bridges is proud to be a part of this association.

Golf cart bridge design takes some engineering knowledge. They need to be built to withstand the weight of not just one, but multiple golf carts carrying multiple people at the same time. These bridges need to be able to support 5 tons or more and should be wide enough for at least one golf cart, which means 8 feet. Many are even wider – around 12’ wide.

What It Takes to Build a Golf Cart Bridge

What It Takes to Build a Golf Cart Bridge

While golf cart bridges are usually made of timber, they’re supported by piles – or posts – and Nature Bridges can use a variety of materials in the construction. It all depends on your preference, what works best for the environment, and what materials work best for the design you want.

After Nature Bridges takes a detailed assessment of the area and talks to you about the bridge design you prefer, we perform calculations to find the best supporting structure that will support the weight of your golf carts. Then, we can add details that make your bridge unique and a pleasure to drive over.

Building golf course bridges

When work begins, we use top down construction. This lets us work in a smaller space so the stream, sand trap, or anything else we work over is undisturbed. When we’re finished, you have a sturdy, aesthetic bridge that golfers will love driving over. If you’re looking to add bridges to your course or replace the ones you have, contact us now to get a quote.

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