Top Down Construction: Why Does it Work?

Top Down Construction: Why Does it Work?

You’ve probably seen bridge constructors begin their work. The first thing most companies do is clear a wide pathway along the area where they will later build the boardwalk. Then, the workers drive even more equipment across the area, using that heavy equipment to add supports and then, the bridge deck. Most work is done from the side, meaning that the equipment has to travel over the area many times in order to build the bridge.

How is Top Down Construction Different?

Top Down Construction - Why Does it Work

With top down construction, Nature Bridges works from the top. That means that we start at one end of the bridge, adding supports. When we add enough supports for one section, we then build the bridge deck. From there, we drive our smaller, less destructive equipment on the top of the bridge, adding sections only from the bridge deck. Our equipment almost never needs to touch the ground. Workers can, however, and we can help direct the equipment operators from the ground.

This method of construction means that we rarely need to destroy anything in nature. A walkway needs only the supports placed in the ground, and we can do that from much higher up than other construction crews. Only a minimal number of plants are removed from the area. We want to preserve those plants in order to provide a home and food for all of the wildlife in the area. See our video on YouTube to watch top down construction at work.

What Does This Mean for You?

Top-Down Construction Meaning

Top down construction doesn’t just mean that the plant and animal life are less disturbed than with other boardwalk construction methods. It means that you have a beautiful view as you walk along a bridge or boardwalk built by Nature Bridges. If you want to walk through a forest on a nature trail, you don’t need to destroy the beautiful view that you’re trying to experience more closely. When Nature Bridges is finished building a bridge or other nature pathway, you can be assured that we’ve only added to the natural beauty of the area; we don’t take anything away.

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