Summer Travel Destinations

Summer Travel Destinations

As a company that builds in environmentally sensitive areas, we take pride in the structures we build and the natural habitats we help protect. We particularly enjoy seeing more of our wonderful country and meeting new people when we travel for projects.

Although Nature Bridges is based in Florida, we have built in the following 18 states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. We would really like to add another state to that list in 2019, so hopefully we can make it happen in the next 6 months. As for our long-term bucket list, we would love to build in Hawaii.

The summer season is a prime time for travel and enjoying the outdoors. That said, we’ve decided to share a few of our top travel destinations (per our experience) to inspire your next trip or family vacation.

Big Sky, Montana

This is the farthest we have traveled for a project, and also one of the most impressive locations we’ve visited (by staff vote). Big Sky is in the Rocky Mountains, known for skiing, mountain-biking and its proximity to Yellowstone National Park. We have repaired and replaced golf cart bridges for Yellowstone Golf Club, a private residential ski and golf club. If you’re into skiing or exploring wildlife, hot springs, and breathtaking viewpoints, we recommend Big Sky.

“[Big Sky, Montana] has beautiful landscape with the mountain terrain, rocky streams, and waterfalls… and you always see different kinds of beautiful wildlife.”

– Brian Green, Project Manager

Mexico Beach, Florida

Mexico Beach is in a state of recovery after major devastation due to Hurricane Michael in October 2018. Tourism is one of the best ways to assist in their recovery process, by visiting and supporting local businesses that have already reopened their doors. Nature Bridges is honored to build in this affected area, and we are building boardwalks and observation platforms for Salinas Park, a public park and beach access point to the pristine St. Joseph Bay in Gulf County.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Known for its beautiful white-sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico, Panama City Beach is a popular vacation destination. During the construction of Pier Park, a retail center with shopping, dining, and entertainment, Nature Bridges constructed over 12,000 feet of trellis systems, decorative rafter tails, wooden struts and steel wall brackets. Just across Front Beach Road, you will find Russell-Fields Pier, a large fishing pier that offers amazing views as well as excellent fishing. Nature Bridges was contracted to build and install the timber break-away deck panels and the guard rails for this pier.

What is your favorite summer travel destination? Is the community in need of a walking trail or bridge? Contact Nature Bridges today and we’ll help you get started. 850-997-8585

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