Preserving Nature’s Habitats and the Animals Within Them

Preserving Nature’s Habitats and the Animals Within Them

Our New Smyrna Dunes project was a satisfying one to complete, and that’s not just because the views were great. The project took a year to complete, but we were able to create a beautiful walkway leading to one of Florida’s most beautiful beaches.

The sand dunes in New Smyrna Beach are a natural barrier, protecting homes and businesses from coastal water damage.

As we began constructing this project using our Top Down Construction method, we noticed a few friendly animals in the area.





Beach Mice and Gopher Tortoises!

These wonderful creatures call the dunes home, and as part of our mission to preserve nature and to be eco-friendly, we knew these animals and their safety was now our responsibility.



Beach Mice

Beach mice are a threatened species in the United States, but the Smyrna Dunes Park has one of the last populations of these critters, according to When we realized their burrows were in our path, we went back to the blueprints and rerouted the walkway to ensure our team wouldn’t disrupt their habitat.



Gopher Tortoises

The Gopher Tortoises were a bigger project than the mice. With so many in the area, we wanted to make sure their needs were met and the environment was safe for years to come.
We reached out to our friends over at Wharton Smith to provide us with a temporary silt fence barrier designed to relocate the tortoises and keep them safe until our work was done.


Granted, eachNature Bridges project takes place outdoors, but the boardwalk created in Florida’s New Smyrna Dunes is one we will never forget.

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