Nature Bridges completes pedestrian boardwalk at South Chickamauga Creek Greenway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nature Bridges completes pedestrian boardwalk at South Chickamauga Creek Greenway in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Nature Bridges (, the Award Winning boardwalk and timber bridge contractor, has completed a pedestrian boardwalk at the South Chickamauga Creek Greenway Trail in March of 2016.

The South Chickamauga Creek Greenway project has been in the works since 1994. Organizations in Chattanooga have worked long and hard to acquire land easements in order to create this large system of parks and greenways. The new boardwalks overlook forested creek banks and the paved paths are perfect for biking along the scenic trail. The conveniently located trailheads make parking a breeze and provide easy access to the boat slips for a day of kayaking.

Nature Bridges was the General Contractor on the South Chickamauga Creek greenway project. Timber Boardwalks, retaining walls and handrail were completed within the scenic trail system. Nature Bridges used their top down construction method in this environmentally sensitive area.

Nature Bridges’ top down construction method assures clients that construction has minimal impact on the environment because no heavy equipment is used on the ground. Instead, Nature Bridges uses their lightweight hydraulic impact and material handling equipment that stays on top of the structure during construction, eliminating damage to vegetation and wildlife habitats. Using Nature Bridges’ top down construction method means the only things that touch the ground are workmen, and the only things left behind are footprints and a new structure.

Located in Monticello, Florida and licensed in several states, Nature Bridges is a leading design build construction company specializing in top-down construction of pedestrian bridges and boardwalks through environmentally sensitive areas. Not only does the company focus on innovative materials and environmentally friendly construction, but Nature Bridges also offers a wide variety of development amenities including golf cart bridges, architecturally designed trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, docks, timber retaining walls as well as DOT approved timber curbing, guardrails, and roadside walkways. For more information, contact Nature Bridges at 850-997-8585 or visit

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