Free Span Bridge at Ivy Creek Greenway Park

Free Span Bridge at Ivy Creek Greenway Park

Nature Bridges, one of the nation’s prominent bridge builders completed construction of the free span bridge at Ivy Creek Greenway Trail in Gwinnett County, GA.

This beautiful and very functional trail system will be used by school groups that visit the Environmental and Heritage Center that connects with another nature trail through the Wayne Hill Water resources Center site. There are plans in the future to connect the greenway to an existing section at George Pierce Park to create seven miles of continuous biking and walking opportunities.

Nature Bridges was contracted by Astra Group to construct a 12’ wide x 270’ long free-span bridge with 173 total lineal feet of top-down pedestrian timber bridges and overlook within the trail system. The trail system stretches 4.4 miles near the Mall of Georgia. The addition of nearly three-quarter of a mile 12-foot wide asphalt trail included three timber boardwalks, a 270-foot free-span bridge, as well as an overlook platform and restrooms.

The free-span bridge was delivered in five sections and pulled to the bridge site by excavators. Each bridge section had to be temporarily supported by timber pile sets with 10 x 10 timber pile caps until other components were fully anchored and torqued into place.

Nature Bridges, located in Monticello, Florida, is a leading bridge construction company specializing in top down construction of pedestrian bridges and boardwalks in environmentally sensitive areas. Nature Bridges offers a wide variety of development amenities including golf cart bridges, architecturally designed trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, docks, timber retaining walls, timber curbing, guardrails and roadside walkways. For more information, contact Nature Bridges at 850-997-8585 or visit us at

At Nature Bridges, we don’t limit ourselves to only building bridges! Read about our construction of a river house on the Ichetucknee River.

When planning your next project, plan with Nature Bridges: (850) 997-8585

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