Building Materials for Bridges

Building Materials for Bridges

Building Materials for Bridges

Bridge constructors use a wide variety of materials for bridges. Sometimes, different materials are even used in building the same bridge. Typically, different materials are used in different types of bridges or in different parts of a bridge.


Timber is one of our favorite materials to use for bridges because it looks so natural. Some bridge companies do not use timber as often as they used to, because larger bridges are now more commonly made of steel or concrete. Wood, however, is a renewable resource, is a strong construction material, and is more easily transported. Timber construction is environmentally friendly and blends perfectly with the surrounding natural environment.


Many bridges use concrete because of the look, but sometimes bridge constructors use it for beams, footings, walls, and piles for the bridge’s foundation and support system. Concrete is strong and can be poured into any type of mold, so it can be used almost anywhere. It is usually used for sidewalks or for a modern look.


Steel materials for bridges

In larger bridges, construction companies often use steel because of its durability and strength. Bridges can also have steel in the substructure to reinforce concrete or other materials and in beams and joints. Steel is a strong bridge construction material, and steel companies can custom-make steel in the shape builders need for the bridge. It has a modern look that many people enjoy. It can be used alone or in combination with other materials for bridge construction.


Stone was once a common bridge material, especially when stone was readily available nearby. When using stone, the bridge is usually an arch bridge to make use of the compressive strength of the stone. Bridge constructors don’t use stone as often now, but it can make a beautiful bridge!

There are many other materials available to use for bridges, depending on the style you want and the bridge’s intended use. When we work on a bridge construction estimate, feel free to ask about different materials and whether they will work for your new bridge from Nature Bridges!

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