Paths Campaign

Are you considering a Path or Trail construction project?

How would you like to work with a top-notch builder who specializes in building paths through all types of terrains while preserving nature?

As a bridge and path access builder, Nature Bridges can substitute concrete with wood, creating distinctive, compliant sidewalks, timber curbing, wood walkway and roadway walks. Our customers have used these features at golf courses for golf cart paths, residential developments for walking paths, and parks for waterside nature walks or bike paths.

Nature Bridges has experience in constructing all types of recreational, active transportation trails and multi-use trail systems. Whether you require a bicycle trail, an equestrian trail, a simple hiking trail or a park trail construction, we provide turn key products for all types of trails. We work with architects, designers and engineers who are experienced in building soft and hard motorized, non-motorized and multi-use trail systems using a variety of materials such as asphalt, concrete, gravel, mulch or wood.

Whether your project is located along a beach, beside a river or through a nature preserve, we can build pedestrian bridges and boardwalks with aesthetically appealing features that compliment any community development, commercial district or tourist attraction. As the leader in top-down timber bridge construction and design, we are heavily sought after for our coastal construction of dune crossovers and beach dune paths.

We welcome the opportunity to be involved in your next project. Contact us today to request a quote!

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