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Beautiful New Pedestrian Bridges and Pedestrian Guardrails Create a Picturesque Scene at a Palm Coast Florida Park

Nature Bridges, a top builder of pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails, announces the completion of their work at Palm Coast Linear Park.

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Monticello, FL (PRWEB) January 27, 2008 - Nature Bridges (naturebridges.com), specialists in pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails is proud to announce their completion of pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails at Palm Coast Linear Park in Palm Coast, Florida.

Nature Bridges started the project in October 2007 for Westwind Contracting, Inc., and was given a target date of completion for this month. With the determination to meet their client's schedule, Nature Bridges employed two crews to work during the majority of construction and eventually added an extra crew to meet their deadline.

The beautiful new structure includes 3,875 lineal feet of 8' wide top-down constructed timber pedestrian bridges with 7,468 lineal feet of 54" high pedestrian guardrails. The pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails were built using the innovative top-down construction method.

With top-down construction, all large equipment stays on top of the new structure during the entire building process. This method provides a long-lasting structure and helps to preserve the surrounding plant and animal habitats during and after construction.

Nature Bridges completed this project in just three short months. April James, Vice President of Nature Bridges said, "We are proud to have completed the pedestrian bridges in this project for Westwind Contracting. Being able to have a positive impact on a difficult construction schedule is very gratifying for us. Westwind Contracting is an excellent general contractor, and we would be pleased to work with them in the future."

Palm Coast Linear Park is now open to the public. The park includes several covered picnic areas and a playground area. The park is surrounded by a beautiful mix of tall trees and includes the newly completed pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails.

About Westwind Contracting, Inc.
With the home office located in Pembroke Park, Florida, Westwind Contracting is skilled in adaptive management. Westwind coordinates the participation of many firms, and plans each project to maximize safety, efficiency and quality. From contract implementation to the mobilization of vast inventory of heavy equipment and personnel, our creative and imaginative solutions allow us to build strong infrastructures while ensuring minimal environmental impact.

About the Top Builder of Pedestrian Bridges and Pedestrian Guardrails: Nature Bridges
Located in Monticello, Florida, Nature Bridges is a leading construction firm specializing in top-down construction of pedestrian bridges and pedestrian guardrails through environmentally sensitive areas. The company also offers a wide variety of development amenities including golf cart bridges, architecturally-designed bridges, boardwalks, trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, docks, timber retaining walls as well as DOT-approved timber curbing, guardrails, and roadside walkways. For more information, contact Nature Bridges at 850-997-8585 or visit naturebridges.com.

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