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Nature Bridge's Boardwalk Construction Adds Beauty to the Natural Scenery at the Windmark Village Center in Gulf County, Florida

Nature Bridges, top-down bridge and boardwalk construction specialists announce the completion of bridges and boardwalks at the Windmark Village Center in Gulf County, Florida.

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Monticello, FL (PRWEB) November 25, 2007 - Nature Bridges (naturebridges.com), specialists in top-down bridge and boardwalk construction for environmentally sensitive areas announced today the completion of the top-down construction of boardwalk and bridges at the Windmark Village Center in Gulf County, Florida.

The completed Nature Bridges project includes 3,215-feet of top-down pedestrian bridges, 385-feet of top-down bridges, 6,957 square feet of deck, 450 feet of pine railings and 1,540 of boardwalk construction.

The boardwalks were built using the innovative top down boardwalk construction method. With top-down construction, all large equipment stays on top of the new structure during the entire building process. This method provides a long-lasting structure and helps to preserve the surrounding plant and animal habitats during and after construction.

Windmark Beach is a new coastal community near Mexico Beach where people can live, shop and play. Once completed, the WindMark Beach will include a total of 1,662 residences on 2,020 acres of carefully planned, environmentally sensitive land with 3.5 miles of beachfront.


About the Boardwalk Construction Company: Nature Bridges

Located in Monticello, Florida, Nature Bridges is a leading construction firm specializing in top-down construction of timber bridges and pedestrian boardwalks through environmentally sensitive areas. The company also offers a wide variety of development amenities including golf cart bridges, architecturally-designed trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, docks, timber retaining walls as well as DOT-approved timber curbing, guardrails, and roadside walkways. For more information, contact Nature Bridges at 850-997-8585 or visit naturebridges.com.

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