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Alabama Nature Center Set for Grand Opening with Top Down Construction Boardwalks

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Nature Bridges utilizes innovative top down construction method to help preserve wildlife during development.

Monticello, FL (PRWEB) April 15, 2007 – Nature Bridges (naturebridges.com), specialists in top down construction through environmentally sensitive areas, announced today it has completed construction of the nature trails and boardwalks at the new Alabama Nature Center at Lanark in Millbrook, Alabama. The grand opening of the Center is set for Friday, April 20, 2007.

The completed project includes four miles of trails and boardwalks through the historic Lanark area. The $1.26 million contract began in June, 2006 and the boardwalks were completed in November 2006.

The boardwalks constructed by Nature Bridges were built using the innovative top down construction method. With top down construction, all large equipment stays on top of the new structure during the entire building process. This method provides a long-lasting structure and helps to preserve the surrounding plant and animal habitats during and after construction.

The Alabama Nature Center is a joint project of the Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF) and benefactors Isabel and Wiley Hill. The Center was conceptualized by the AWF board of directors in January, 2001 as an area for exploration and conservation education. In addition to the trails built by Pate Landscape and the boardwalks built by Nature Bridges that traverse the 340-acre area, Phase 1 also includes a new 4,000 square foot pavilion.

Phase II plans include the construction of a Welcome Center which will house a 2,500 square-foot hands-on Discovery Hall, a 240-seat theater, gift shop, library, 100-person multi-purpose room and office space for staff. This phase will also feature the construction of four educational classrooms with labs and three remote outdoor learning pavilions.

"The Alabama Nature Center is a tremendous asset to the state of Alabama and the Southeast," states J.D. James, president of Nature Bridges. "Our sustainable top down construction method has provided a way for everyone to enjoy the beauty of this area while preserving the indigenous wildlife. We are proud to have been a part of this incredible project."

For more information about the Alabama Nature Center, contact AWF at 1-800-822-9453 or visit alabamawildlife.org.

About the Boardwalk Construction Company: Nature Bridges

Located in Monticello, Florida, Nature Bridges is a leading construction firm specializing in top down construction of timber bridges and pedestrian boardwalks through environmentally sensitive areas. The company also offers a wide variety of development amenities including golf cart bridges, architecturally-designed trellises, fencing, pavilions, decks, docks, timber retaining walls as well as DOT-approved timber curbing, guardrails, and roadside walkways. For more information, contact Nature Bridges at 850-997-8585 or visit naturebridges.com.

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