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Specializing In Top-down Construction Of Timber Walkways, Dune Crossovers And Dune Paths

Dune Crossovers

As the leader in top-down timber bridge construction and design, we are heavily sought after for our dune crossovers and beach dune paths.

Nature Bridges uses environmentally friendly construction methods to build timber walkways and scenic overlooks for any type of coastal landscape without damaging nature's delicate balance. Nature Bridges is well versed in coastal construction while protecting endangered species and plant life, including nesting sea turtles and sea oats.

Our top-down technique employs lightweight hydraulic or hand-driven equipment -- only workers, not machinery, touch the ground. Nature Bridges specializes in wetland and coastal construction, using innovative designs - complementing nature's lines to preserve plants and wildlife.

View Our Gallery of Dune Crossovers and Beach Dune Paths.


Environmentally friendly construction preserving
nature's delicate balance.

When planning your next project,
plan on Nature Bridges!
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